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Hey CWland! Is it that time?!

Hey you! Yeah you!

I was thinking of hosting a reunion season of cw_land.

You could choose to remain with your old team (BAMF, GQMF, or HBIC) but I might need to shuffle things up numbers wise.
Shows that have started airing since the last season of cw_land would be able to be used in challenges (Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, as well as shows that would be premiering next month like Reign and The Originals)

If you could fill in the poll or comment with your feelings that would be great! Pass on the news to other people you know!

Are you interested in a new season of CWland?


Anything more, post it in the comments!
This is just to gauge interest. If things look like they're going ahead, I'll post a more detailed poll about teams and start dates.
Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

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To all my lovely members waiting for results and information about Season 5, I apologize.
And I apologize to all future members who are waiting to be sorted and get access.

This is really subpar modding but some things have happened in the past week that have pretty much screwed everything to hell that I'm floundering to get over.
Hopefully I'll get everything back together for the comm and for you guys.

Sorry about all of this!

Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

Members Cut!

I have finally done the Members Cut I threatened long ago.

If you cannot see this post then you've been removed from the community.
If I accidentally removed you when you shouldn't have been removed, comment to this post and I'll fix that super quick.

If you have been removed and you think you would like to join again (and you'll participate), feel free to apply again at our application post here.

Comments to this post are screened.
Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

Season 3: Episode 13 Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Complete the bingo card in your teams. As a TEAM you only have to do each item ONCE.

No time limit, just when you are done.
There are bonus points for the first finished (but please don't rush it for the sake of it)
There are bonus points for most participation (so if you go too fast, you could miss out on points!)
There are points for completing every item off the list. If you want to skip an item, that's fine.
No one person can do it all (at least two people must do this challenge, but it's better all around if everyone does it)

25 points for each square (250 points)
Bonus Points for most participation & Fastest Team. (250, 175, 100, 50).
+ 10 points to every member that participates (in discussion/organising counts)

When your team is finished, please list the bingo cards in your team comm and links to the results here.

Chat rooms are welcome and encouraged.

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Season 3!

Hello members, mods, and those looking to join!

Season 3 of cw_land is about to start! The official starting date is going to be Sunday May 1st and we're looking forward to a very exciting season. Season 2 just recently ended with team_gossipgirl winning Season 2!

We have a few changes, mainly Nikki (sucksucksmile) is joining as co-mod of cw_land. Some of you will also notice some changes around in your teams, whether it be with the mods or members. A lot of inactive members have been cut from each team so if you've been cut and want to rejoin just go ahead and apply and we'll try to get you back on your old team as soon as possible.

Also, before Season 3 begins, we'd like to offer everyone a chance to switch teams if they should so choose. If you're interested in changing teams please just fill out this text poll:

I would like to switch from Team.... (example. Team Badass to Team Awesome)

We're going to be running some team elections for a second mod, so if you'd like to offer your help to be the second mod of your team, feel free to comment at the screened post in each of your respective teams.

For new members!
Season 3 begins in just a few days, so feel free to apply here to join a team and get involved with cw_land!

Our first challenge of Season 3 is going to be a pimping challenge, like last Season. This will start a day or two before the official beginning of Season 3 so go out and spread the word about cw_land and get your teams some points. Keep in mind, you get points for each person that gives your name as their referral!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here or PM myself or Nikki!