April 28th, 2011

Star Trek - Kirk captains chair

Season 3!

Hello members, mods, and those looking to join!

Season 3 of cw_land is about to start! The official starting date is going to be Sunday May 1st and we're looking forward to a very exciting season. Season 2 just recently ended with team_gossipgirl winning Season 2!

We have a few changes, mainly Nikki (sucksucksmile) is joining as co-mod of cw_land. Some of you will also notice some changes around in your teams, whether it be with the mods or members. A lot of inactive members have been cut from each team so if you've been cut and want to rejoin just go ahead and apply and we'll try to get you back on your old team as soon as possible.

Also, before Season 3 begins, we'd like to offer everyone a chance to switch teams if they should so choose. If you're interested in changing teams please just fill out this text poll:

I would like to switch from Team.... (example. Team Badass to Team Awesome)

We're going to be running some team elections for a second mod, so if you'd like to offer your help to be the second mod of your team, feel free to comment at the screened post in each of your respective teams.

For new members!
Season 3 begins in just a few days, so feel free to apply here to join a team and get involved with cw_land!

Our first challenge of Season 3 is going to be a pimping challenge, like last Season. This will start a day or two before the official beginning of Season 3 so go out and spread the word about cw_land and get your teams some points. Keep in mind, you get points for each person that gives your name as their referral!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here or PM myself or Nikki!