August 18th, 2013

Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

Hey CWland! Is it that time?!

Hey you! Yeah you!

I was thinking of hosting a reunion season of cw_land.

You could choose to remain with your old team (BAMF, GQMF, or HBIC) but I might need to shuffle things up numbers wise.
Shows that have started airing since the last season of cw_land would be able to be used in challenges (Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, as well as shows that would be premiering next month like Reign and The Originals)

If you could fill in the poll or comment with your feelings that would be great! Pass on the news to other people you know!

Are you interested in a new season of CWland?


Anything more, post it in the comments!
This is just to gauge interest. If things look like they're going ahead, I'll post a more detailed poll about teams and start dates.